Buster Murdaugh’s Net worth 2023 

Buster Murdaugh

Buster Murdaugh is an American Legal practitioner/public figure. He is the only current surviving son of South California lawyer Alex Murdaugh and his wife Maggie Murdaugh. He was involved in the infamous Murdaugh’s family murder case where his father Alex Murdaugh, shot dead his wife and Paul the younger brother of Buster Murdaugh back in June 2001. 

Before the infamous Murder case, Buster and his family lived a pretty good life. Buster’s father used to own Parker Law Group (formerly The Peters, Murdaugh, Parker, Eltz Roth & Detrick) which was a nationally influential civil litigation law firm that used to undertake many big cases in south Hampton, California. Buster Murdaugh used to personally work there under his father. 

Full NameRichard Alexander Murdaugh Jr. 
ProfessionLegal Practitioner 
NetWorth$500,000 – $1 million 
Annual IncomeUnknown
Last UpdatedDecember 2023

Buster Murdaugh’s Sources of Income. 

Ever since testifying in court against his father, Buster has chosen to live a quiet life and not much verified information can be found about him online. Buster Murdaugh held a previous position at the family owned PMPED company.

However as of 2023, it is uncertain if Buster still works there, it is speculated that he may be working under a different name. After his father’s conviction, Buster received $530,000 from the sale of his mother’s estate. 

Buster Murdaugh’s property holdings 

According to the latest reports, Buster along with his girlfriend, Brooklyn White purchased a home in Bluffton South California. The home was purchased at $450,000 in which the couple took out a loan of $195,000. The house occupies 1652 square feet (about half the area of a tennis court) and contains three bedrooms and three bathrooms with good open space. 

Due to Buster’s quiet lifestyle, not much is known about his other property holdings, but it is speculated that he may inherit millions in protected assets that are tied to his family, especially his father. 

Buster Murdaugh’s Education 

Buster graduated from Wofford College back in 2019. He was admitted to the University of South Carolina School of Law following his family’s tradition. However, he was kicked out of the school for plagiarism in his second semester.  

According to one news report his parents paid $60,000 to have him re-admit back to law school. As of 2023, it is unclear if he is still pursuing his education or not. 

Buster Murdaugh’s Personal Life. 

Buster Murdaugh is currently dating Brooklyn White. The pair were spotted at public gatherings and judicial hearings together. Brooklyn white works at the Hilton Head, South Carolina, office of Olivetti, McCray & Withrow as a lawyer. She graduated with a degree in law from the University of South California of Law. It is speculated that the couple likely met in each other in the university until eventually Buster got kicked out.

According to a news report Buster ever since the horror incident has become very introverted and has gone quiet.  As one of his classmates said “He withdrew after everything happened. Before, he’d text immediately. His phone was surgically implanted in his hand or something, like you’d send a text 24/7 and he’d respond, and he loved to chat. Now he doesn’t respond to most texts, or if he does, it’s one or two words. He has closed off and built walls around himself.”  

Full NameRichard Alexander “Buster” Murdaugh
Stage NameBuster
Date of Birth 1997
Birth PlaceWade Hampton, South Carolina, United States
FatherAlex Murdaugh
MotherMaggie Murdaugh
Height5 feet 8 inches
GirlfriendBrooklyn White

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